KeyTurbine is a PS/2 to USB keyboard converter. KeyTurbine is designed for keyboards which support both PS/2 and USB interface, however you can also use bundled PS/2 to USB adapter to connect to PS/2 keyboards.

If your keyboard supports PS/2 NKRO (N-Key Rollover), but USB interface does not, (like many mechanical keyboards, such as Cherry or Filco mechanical keyboards,) you can use KeyTurbine to convert it into an USB NKRO keyboard. KeyTurbine can also enable key remapping (ex. QWERTY to Dvorak) and macro keys.

Hardware design is open, you can use it as an USB development board. You can program KeyTurbine through USB or external programmer.


  1. Support PS/2 keyboard scan codes set 2
  2. USB NKRO (N-Key Rollover)
  3. Key remapping and macro keys
  4. Hardware compatible with Soarer's firmware and hasu's firmware


  1. Atmel ATmega32u4 MCU
  2. USB male connector for connecting to PC
  3. USB female connector for connecting to keyboards which support PS/2 interface
  4. Reset button for entering DFU mode
  5. Contact pads for Tag-Connect for external AVR ISP programmer
  6. LED indicator
  7. PLA case printed by 3D printer
  8. Bundle with a PS/2 to USB adapter and an USB extension cable


  1. ATmega32u4 has factory USB DFU bootloader, you can use FLIP or AVRDUDE to program IC through USB
  2. You can also use external programmer like AVRISP mkII through Tag-Connect, please refer to this.


  1. PCB schematic and board
  2. PCB Eagle files
  3. Case STL files for 3D printer, view 3D model on github

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